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specialising in the cling of offices, hospitals, malls, roof cleaning, street sweeping.”

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About Us

Experiences on cleaning area with successful project on going.

Yonwabeli Cleaning Services Pty Ltd is the brainchild of a young intelligent woman who is intend to bring hope to other woman out there by proving that your back ground does not determine your future, you may come from nothing and be someone as long as you believe in yourself. Yonwabeli basically focuses on those industries that are undermined and willing to make change on them by putting them on the map, so that the people that are on those industries can be recognized and be valued . She also wants to prove to all the young women that those industries should not be a gender based/dominated field. Women can also be a force to be reckoned with and even go as far as being better than the opposite gender. In addition, the company aims to provide a cleaning and construction services.


Why Choose us

We Will Make Absolutely Any Place Clean, Neat.

Empowerment is a business imperative and key part of strategic development of the company in addition to that the company has been recognized as Top Empowered Company for the year 2021 by Impumelelo Top Empowerment. We believe that with this kind of approach, we can grow from strength and became a powerhouse in the cleaning and construction industry.

Our Services

Dedicated Professionals since 2013
Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning
Hygiene Services
Deep cleaning
Pest Control
Carpet cleaning

Construction Services

Repairs and maintenance
building cupboards
roof repairs
ceiling repairs

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